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nView Tools for the PCP: Better care. Better outcomes. Lower costs.

With the growing shortage of certified behavioral health specialists and an increasing number of people experiencing behavioral health issues, the pressure for primary care physicians to quickly assess and accurately diagnose their patients’ mental health has never been greater.

But primary care practices are challenged to respond to this growing demand with today’s screening tools, which are:

► Cumbersome to administer and disruptive to existing care workflows
► Only screen for specific conditions that must be predicted in advance
► Screen but do not support accurate clinical diagnosis
► Do not support patient monitoring to demonstrate improved outcomes
► Require manual data entry into EHR systems

The result? Patients are left struggling to reach their optimal health, and practices are left with poor patient outcomes, cumbersome workflows, costly complications and a negative patient experience.

With nView’s new digital screeners and psychiatric interview, known as the M.I.N.I., physicians can use one, evidence-based solution to more quickly and accurately identify, diagnose and monitor patients at risk for multiple mental health disorders.

The result? Better care. Better outcomes. Lower costs.

Using modern technology, nView Health gives primary care providers and family physicians the tools they need to more accurately identify, diagnose and monitor their patients’ mental health. With clinically validated screeners, diagnostic interviews and automated tracking surveys, nView’s digital solutions provide a full suite of assessments that can drive better patient outcomes.

  1. nView screeners help you quickly identify primary and co-occurring behavioral health issues among your patient population.
  2. nView’s digital M.I.N.I. diagnostic interview enables you to more accurately diagnose and implement disorder-specific treatment protocols.
  3. nView monitors support automatic tracking of patient progress to improve outcomes and support value-based care initiatives.

Clinically validated and cited in more than 17,000 clinical trials and studies around the world, the M.I.N.I. gives physicians confidence in their diagnosis and treatment plans.

Because nView’s digital M.I.N.I. accommodates for 17 adult disorders and 24 pediatric disorders it eliminates the need to administer multiple brief screens.

The online assessments can be completed either in the office or sent in advance of the visit, eliminating any disruption to patient flow. And because the M.I.N.I. is digital, results can be easily integrated into the patient record in virtually any EHR system.

nView screeners take an average of three minutes to complete. The M.I.N.I. interview takes an average of 17 minutes to complete. All screening and interview data is captured electronically with summary reports immediately available to the physician who can more accurately diagnose the patient and provide the appropriate treatment plan.

nView solutions map to standard billing codes that support the requirements for mental health screeners (CPT 96127) and diagnostic interviews (CPT 90791-90792). Primary care physicians can generate new revenue streams and improve patient outcomes.

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