Are your mental health assessments compliant?

Using Online Assessment Tools to Respond to the Growing Mental Health Crisis

Developed by the world-renowned Dr. David Sheehan, the nView M.I.N.I. and severity scales put you in control of your study operations.

  • It’s simple. Taking an average of 17 minutes to complete, the M.I.N.I. gives you the power to process more candidates faster, resulting in a larger pool of candidates with less effort.
  • It’s thorough. The M.I.N.I. screens for the top 17 most common mental disorders in adults and the most common 24 disorders in children – all in one digital solution.
  • It’s easy. Implement the M.I.N.I. and train study administrators online in no time, helping you expand your reach without jeopardizing operational excellence.
  • It’s proven. nView works with 6 of the top 10 CROs and study sponsors, so you can be confident you are using the best and most clinically validated solution on the market.

Make sure your clinical trials and studies run smoothly and profitably with nView mental health screeners and assessments. Be in control with nView.

Are your mental health assessments compliant?
  • Cited in more than 17,000 clinical trials and studies
  • Used in 100+ countries
  • Used in 1,000’s of studies accepted by the FDA, World Health Organization and National Institute of Mental Health

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