Identifying Screeners

Systematically and quickly identify potential behavioral health issues among individuals or a large population.

Easy to Administer

Millions of people live with mental health issues that go undiagnosed. The nView online screening solution aims to change this. It is a brief 3-minute set of questions designed to identify individuals with potential behavioral health issues.

If individuals show signs of potential behavioral health issues, they can be automatically sent the relevant assessment to further identify and help diagnose the condition.

  • Online makes it quick and easy to administer anytime, anywhere.
  • Incorporate screeners into your enrollment or intake processes
  • Identify at-risk individuals who may need additional evaluation

Easy to Complete

Unlike complicated surveys and paper-based forms, nView screeners are simple and digital and typically take less than 3 minutes to complete. Individuals can complete the series of questions and get on their way quickly while clinical resources get what they need.

  • Clinician or self-administered screener
  • Simple language for easy understanding

How nView Screeners Help You

Screening individuals for mental health conditions can be challenging, but it is absolutely necessary to help identify those who may need assistance. nView screeners make it fast and easy.



Administrators, educators and counselors are often overwhelmed by the number of students struggling with behavioral health issues. nView screeners can identify at-risk students quickly and accurately.

  • Screen student populations
  • Staff based on measurable data
  • Underscore your commitment to mental health


The mental health of your patients is equally important as their physical health. nView screeners make it easy for you to quickly screen for behavioral health issues across your entire patient population.

  • Identify at-risk patients quickly
  • Online to reduce paperwork
  • Improve patient outcomes


The right candidates in your study can mean the difference between success or failure. Leveraging a brief, accurate screener is a critical first step.

  • Increase accuracy of patient identification
  • Decrease time needed for patient recruitment
  • Get medications to market faster

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