Are your mental health assessments compliant?

Using Online Assessment Tools to Respond to the Growing Mental Health Crisis

Are your mental health assessments compliant?

Online assessment tools can be a big help when it comes to efficiently supporting clinical documentation requirements regarding DSM-5 criteria set forth in many Canadian provinces.

Now is the time to make sure you have the right mental health assessment solutions in place that can help you address the growing mental health needs of your community while also making it easier for your practice to achieve compliance.

nView Health’s digital M.I.N.I.  is one of the few assessment solutions that has been updated to reflect the DSM-5 criteria. It’s also the world’s most used and validated psychiatric evaluation solution, having been cited in more than 17,000 clinical trials and studies, many of which were approved by the FDA, WHO and NIH.

Download this checklist of 5 criteria you should consider when selecting online assessment tools.

Don't wait. Keep your documentation DSM-5 compliant and streamline your care processes to address the growing needs of the communities you serve.