What We Do

Our solutions enable more people to more accurately and quickly identify, diagnose,
and monitor those with behavioral health disorders.

Who We Are

We are a team of doctors, scientists, authors, technologists, parents, families, survivors – passionately focused on mental illness and how it’s perceived, assessed, diagnosed, and treated.  We are activists, advocates, business leaders, and disruptors who are determined to alter a status quo that is failing by any statistical measure.

We are realists who know change is difficult, and also dreamers who understand change is necessary.  We categorically refuse to go quietly into that good night, and we are hopeful for meaningful dialogue and change. We are committed to doing better, being better, driving big changes in the perceptions of and treatments for mental health.

We are nView.


How We Are Different

Cited in thousands of FDA-approved studies and clinical trials, nView empowers healthcare professionals, educators and researchers with software solutions that allow them to more accurately and efficiently identify, diagnose, and monitor these individuals who need behavioral health assistance.

We uniquely do this through our evidence-based solutions that have been referenced or validated in more than 17,000 studies and used by physicians all over the globe for the past 25+ years.

Our Mission

A person’s mental health is synonymous with their physical health, but it is often more difficult to accurately diagnose and treat. We are on a mission to ensure that every person can be accurately assessed the first time and receive the treatment they need to achieve optimal mental health.

We are fulfilling this mission by giving healthcare professionals, educators and researchers access to innovative solutions and services that enable them to better identify, diagnose, treat and monitor the mental health of each person who needs assistance.

Why It Matters

Nearly 1 in 5 adults experience a serious mental illness in their lifetime*, and more than 5 million children in America have some type of serious mental illness that significantly interferes with their daily lives**.

The overwhelming shortage of behavioral health specialists who can properly diagnose and treat these individuals has resulted in massive delays in access to care. We believe the issue is now a national crisis, and we have to change the way we approach these problems.

Through the use of innovative technology and data insights, we will lead that change and positively impact all those who serve this vulnerable population.

*Source: The National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2018
**Source: Mental Illness in Children, WebMD 2017

Awards and Recognition


Top 40 Innovative Companies of Georgia

nView Health was named one of the Top 40 Innovative Companies of Georgia by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). TAG’S Top 40 Awards recognize Georgia-based technology companies for their degree of innovation, scope and financial impact of innovation, likelihood of success, and promotion of Georgia's innovative efforts nationally and internationally.


Company of the Year Logo - no background

2020 Top Company in Mental Health

nView Health is the 2020 Top Company in Mental Health, awarded by Healthcare Insights. nView was distinguished with the Top Company honor because of its unique use of modern technology that improves a clinician's ability to screen for, diagnose, and monitor outcomes of patients with mental health disorders more efficiently and accurately.


Top 10 Logo - no background

Top 10 Behavioral and Mental Health Solutions Companies 2020

nView Health was selected one of the Top 10 Behavioral and Mental Health Solutions Companies in 2020 by Healthcare Tech Outlook, which recognizes technology providers that are providing disruptive solutions to improve the availability of mental healthcare and increasing the awareness and understanding of mental well-being.